Gold City

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The presence of gold workshops throughout Egypt is dispersed and inconsistent, but given the country’s substantial natural gold resources, the government backed up the Presidency has taken the initiative to establish the Gold City in the new administrative capital. The goal is to strengthen the gold sector by providing a conducive industrial environment for producing competitive, internationally recognized products. Through its workshops, technical training and educational workshops will be offered to develop a skilled workforce equipped with the latest gold manufacturing technology. The Gold City will also provide housing for students and workers, as well as a range of facilities including gold factories, shops, recreation areas, banks, a gold museum, innovation center, logistics center, theater, library, hospital, mall, and social club, all in one convenient location to facilitate the growth of the industry. The Gold City extends over 120 feddans, 7 of which are dedicated to the commercial and recreational purposes, which is the area which KAD provides its consultation for.


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