New Capital

EPIC mixed use complex is a revolutionary real estate development, uniquely designed around holistic wellness. It is the first built in the Middle East to achieve global fitwel certification. Intertwining progressive architecture harmoniously with occupants, it tailors a spirited ambiance that supports well-being while considering the environment and focusing on reducing energy, water and embodied carbon in materials reduction. EPIC Complex follows every aspect of green building standards of reducing energy, water consumption, and using environmentally friendly materials. The design is aesthetically inspired by migrating birds. It encapsulates ambitions of foresight, broad vision and adaptability. The property consists of commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel-managed residential units. Particularly within the MU23 district, EPIC Complex rises above every norm with specifications and considerations that are unique, well thought-out and, in many cases, unprecedented. MU23 is considered the New Capitals artery, with easy access to public transport, and neighboring districts and cities.

20,000 sq. m

EGY Holding Development

KAD Commercial Property Management