Wonder World

Ein Sokhna

Wonder World is a mega project consisting of a commercial city, which extends over an area of 1000 acres. The design is based on a general circular outline, allowing circulation around the city via a water canal surrounding the city allowing travelling around the city using yachts and small boats. The project will have 4 marinas, each serving two commercial zones, representing 8 unique world cultures with their most famous brands, unique products, cultural heritage, restaurants, attractions and famous architectural icons. The project is also house to a 8 world class hotels; one in each zone, with 1000 hotel apartments and hotel rooms serving both investors and tourists.

1,000 feddans

KAD Commercial Property Management in collaboration with Ashraf Botros and Alaa Mandour.

Government of Egypt, as a part of Suez Canal Corridor project.

Dar El Handasa