Park Avenue Mall

Sheikh Zayed

Park Avenue is a mixed–use project built in clusters to serve different retail categories, offering approximately 700 retail units and 100 office spaces, as well as a parking lot that accommodates 2,200 cars. The mall will have a supermarket, several entertainment destinations, a factory outlet, a food court, and a variety of restaurants and coffee shops, in addition to a gold Souq. Park Avenue Mall is located directly on the Cairo Alex highway, the main spine that connects Cairo and Alexandria. It enjoys high visibility and easy access where around 45,000 vehicles pass by on daily basis. Sheikh Zayed city is within close proximity to the project (5 km away from Park Avenue) and the population nodes in this area enhance the chance of high footfall and purchasing power. The Smart Village technology park is also located opposite to Park Avenue mall (2 km away) and has approximately 30,000 employees who are potential visitors on their daily commute back from work.

In 2019, KAD Commercial Property Management was selected to take over the design development of Park Avenue Mall. The design review aims to enhance the shopping experience, attain better functionality, enhance customer comfort through better circulation throughout the mall and to improve the look and feel of the project ultimately making it an attractive shopping destination to customers of all interests with the right mix and leisure activities.

51,339 m2

Occupants Union


KAD Commercial Property Management.

KAD Commercial Property Management.