KAD Commercial Property Management, Malls and Retail Integrated Solutions Company was established in 2012. We are specialize in architectural design, retail consultancy, and commercial property management.

Our company oversees all developmental phases starting from proactive studies of the land, to achieving the highest returns on the investments by identifying merchandise choices appropriate for the mall based on the site, supply and demand forces, and market needs. Our role also extends to cover marketing and construction operations.

KAD promises to deliver faultless operation of your retail property

We employ committed experts for the operation of your property:
  • Center Managers and Deputy Mall Managers
  • Operation Supervisors
  • Expert administrators
  • Tenant Coordination Engineers
  • Customer service agents

And above all, retail specialists with first-class training and decades of experience in retail property, making KAD an excellent partner for developing, building and running multifunctional retail properties. We strive to boost the value of our clients’ property investments, and to ensure their sustainable business success.

Our Brand Promise:
“We will not only operate your retail property, but we will also actively develop, and continuously improve and adapt it to the changing needs of the market.”